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For Women in Business


Mentoring, Learning & Community

For Women in Business



Created for Women Starting and Building Micro Businesses 

Get the know how, mentoring, self-awareness and tools you need when you need to design, plan and launch your business ideas.
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Everybody and every business is different and that is why you need the support and tools that can be applied directly to your business, your purpose, and your direction.  Whether you are just getting started, have an idea for a new product or service or just need to check-in and reset, I am here for you. 

Hello Monday
The essential mastermind to design and launch your micro business ideas

My  signature business planning experience with insights, techniques, learning and connection to design, prepare and launch your business idea to achieve the success you crave on your terms.

1:1 Mindset and Mentoring 
Purpose created 1:1 strategy sessions when you need them

The strategy and mentoring sessions combine a deep dive into your own Entrepreneurial Mindset Profile with business goal setting and strategy.


Meet Your Mentor

Hi, I'm Karen Dennett

I am a born entrepreneur with a passion for making a difference and helping others to achieve success.

I created Hello Monday and developed the 1:1 strategy sessions because I get how daunting it can be during the early stages and sometimes you just need a mentor who has the ideas, experience, and expertise to help you to plan, launch and establish your micro business.

As a Certified Practitioner of the Eckerd College Entrepreneurial Mindset Profile (EMP), I have witnessed time and time again how an understanding of our entrepreneurial mindsets enlightens and empowers us to leverage our strengths and target our gaps with focused strategies.

As a business tool, the EMP facilitates discussions around what drives us, what holds us back and the fears and barriers that keep us stuck so we can reignite the passion, purpose, and direction of our ideas and intentions.

In addition to the EMP strategy sessions, there is an entire section dedicated to the entrepreneurial mindset in the Hello Monday workbook. Including, Developing Future Focus, Building Resilience, Setting Boundaries, Controlling Risk, dealing with the Imposter in the Room, and more.  Essential mindset work for new entrepreneurs.

As a Founding Director of the Future Female Leaders Program, I am committed to building the skills, confidence, independence, courage, creativity, and passions of women.  Empowering others is at my core.  It lights me up and fills me with joy.

Undiagnosed ADHD as a teen meant that I struggled with never feeling good enough until I found my value and learned how to shine.

Over the years as a female business owner I have learned so much about being in business and the mindset that takes you from surviving to thriving. I have grown stronger, built resilience, developed purpose for my passion and how to show up for my customers and clients. All while balancing the demands from teaching, training, professional and home life, and a busy family.

I have developed my network and my tribe and I look forward to welcoming you and supporting you on your journey too.

Karen keeps you on track!

“Karen has an amazing ability to really understand businesses. She has a wealth of knowledge and endless ideas that can really expand your mindset. Her leadership and support are both nurturing and enthusiastic leaving you feeling motivated and well-supported after every conversation. She helps you understand and develop goals to keep you on track and provides clarity with logical steps that are achievable and sustainable. I have loved the guidance I received and still pick her brain to this day knowing she will always come up with ways to expand on my ideas or help them develop further.


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That Gets You!

I believe that every woman in business should have access to aligned and affordable business support and guidance that empowers, educates, and enables real women like you to create, launch and establish a business that works for you.  

I believe that through learning, reflection, strategic planning, and connection, women like you can bring your business ideas to life and achieve the success and balance you crave on your terms.

I am a proud Gen X, author, marketer, professional, teacher, trainer, entrepreneur, mum, and I am passionate about making a difference.  I know first hand how overwhelming it can be to get started and I love that I can help women anywhere in the world to gain clarity, purpose, direction and confidence.

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4- Week Idea Kickstarter

Download the FREE four-week Idea Kickstarter to investigate, reflect and decide if the idea that has been bubbling inside you is ready to go to the next level.

Gain the clarity and conviction you need to decide if your idea has potential. This Kickstarter can be used by anyone with an idea for a new product or service whether you are an aspiring, new or established business owner.

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