About Karen

My Story

About Karen

My Story


Mission: To Boost Female Entrepreneurs Everywhere 

Remember the days as a child when you could mix up flowers and water in a washed-out milk bottle, call it perfume and sell it to your neighbours? Taking delight that something you had created not only had value, but your creation was admired and wanted.

Whether you made organic perfume, ran a lemonade stand or sold your old toys and books in a garden sale, that simple feeling of pride and accomplishment has the power to create a sense of worthiness that becomes a little addictive!

Born to Create

I'm an enterprise geek.

I LOVE the creation, the idea generation, and witnessing the impact of my endeavours. I quite simply make things happen. It has always been my superpower and it brings me joy. 

It is no wonder that I studied marketing at university, worked for over 9 years in marketing and communications roles, I have taught business and enterprise for over 15 years, I have set up and run several successful businesses, I am a certified Entrepreneurial Mindset Profile Practitioner, I have helped many others to launch and establish their businesses over the years, I have authored a children’s book and wrote a chapter in a women in business anthology. I am also a Founding Director of The Future Female Leaders Program.

It has not been easy on this journey.  I have laughed, I have cried, I have won, and I have lost, but mostly I have learned and evolved.

It is my mission to empower women starting and establishing micro businesses with the know-how, tools, mentoring and connections to achieve the success they strive for.

To steer them through the creative and strategic planning to enrich and develop their business to gain the balance, financial security, and fulfilment they crave. 

I Work With...

  • Women everywhere who are starting, launching or establishing a micro business.

  • Women who crave a lifestyle business. Women who have the¬†passion to succeed but just need that extra support to find the¬† purpose, direction and inspiration to take action.¬†

  • The creators of imaginative and¬†new products and services that bring joy to others. You are ready to invest your time and energy to make your business the best it can be while still remaining authentic and true to yourself.

  • Bright and driven¬†women¬†who simply need a boost, a fresh perspective and a structured process that leads you to think creatively and strategically about your business model, mindset, branding and customer journey and set easy-to-action goals and plans.

How I Operate...

I work one-one with business owners, in person so my full undivided attention is on you and your business.  For all sessions, we start with the mindset before we get into exploring how this is manifested into business goals, actions, value, and service. For details of my mentoring sessions, check out the Work With Me page.

For those who want accessible tools, strategy, support, learning and structure, the Hello Monday mastermind is the solution you have been looking for. The mastermind is packed with all my know-how and learnings and is carefully curated to guide you through bite-sized creative and strategic ideation and planning.

Each activity is accompanied by an explainer video in the learning portal. The members-only FB Group connects you to aligned women in business to share ideas, seek feedback, ask questions, connect, and celebrate wins.

Members and existing clients who want targeted support with strategy or developing  mindset can book a Power Hour.

What it's like

Working with Me...

I am a proud Gen X woman, who will often refer to movies or songs from the 90’s. I will invest the time to get to know you, your stories, your products and services, the people you serve, your strengths and your challenges so I can support you in the best way for you and your business.

I am action-oriented and make it happen. I can successfully take a business from the seed of an idea to completion, but will forget names and where I left my keys and phone!

I love spending time with my children, catching up with friends, and losing myself in a good book.  

I am chatty, thoughtful, kind, and honest and I act with integrity. I love working and collaborating with aligned minds.